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Sound Wave Artist Profile: Amtrac

Sound Wave Artist Profile: Amtrac

artist amtracSound Wave Block Party artist Amtrac a.k.a. Caleb Cornett found himself heavily influenced by music at an early age. Born and raised in Morehead, a small town in eastern “bluegrass” Kentucky, Caleb spent his early childhood playing on a small keyboard and strumming notes on his guitar. While playing these instruments, Caleb discovered that music could be his own form of self-expression. “I was big into Chemical Brothers and Prodigy in middle school, and being raised on the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin – everything kind of just came together, I guess.”

Caleb’s Amtrac alias first started gaining some media attention after remixing the likes of Metric, Chromeo, Apparat, Treasure Fingers and The Beach Boys. His first music video, “Came Along,” debuted on MTV’s Clubland in October 2011. “I’ve been very blessed to be doing what I’m doing. The MTV stuff is still kind of crazy, seeing my shit on national TV is something I never thought would happen, but I’m proud to be one of the few that have their music on that channel these days.”

After he completed the title track, the album’s shape began to take form. “How I’ve came along is kind of, from where I started to where I am now. I’ve been into hip-hop, experimental electronic music, the house scene with Miami. Everything kind of comes full circle. Putting this album together is kind of all that defined – how I came along.” Came along indeed. His debut long player shows off his unique instrumental dexterity incorporating his bluegrass upbringing into his style of music. “First and foremost I love organic sounds so much that I will always try to incorporate it all into one package.”

Currently, you can catch the name Amtrac on the tracklist for Kaskade’s latest remix project for the song “Atmosphere.” For the remix, Amtrac trims the original’s stringed-prog layers that Kaskade intensified around the vocals. Still creating the same urgency as the original, we love that Amtrac made Kaskade’s vocals the forefront of the re-edit.

So what can we expect when Amtrac performs at Sound Wave this year? A blend of live show and a DJ set that features everything from keyboards, laptops and perhaps even a cover song or two, “I like the versatility of a live set, when you listen to my record it’s like a head phone record, but when you come see me live, it’s going to have that raw energy.”

Come get some raw energy, when Amtrac makes his way to Scottsdale to perform at the Sound Wave Block Party on Saturday, September 21st. Tickets are still available, so grab yours today!