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Sound Wave Artist Profile: Audien

Sound Wave Artist Profile: Audien

artist audienAt the ripe young age of 21, Audien is wise beyond his years. Music trivia enthusiast, producer and DJ, we’re ready to rise and shine with this Sound Wave talent this Saturday, September 21st.

Born in the small seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut, Nate Rathbun began creating music in a small apartment in 2008. “Growing up in a small town has the feel of a very safe environment, very little partying. I found electronic music by accident through my brother actually, we just started listening to Armin’s show a long time ago and we’ve kind of been really hooked on it, and it’s we’ve sort of based our life around it. So it’s a major thing for us.”

When he was 17, while most of his friends were preparing their college applications, Nate was preparing a different journey of his own. Though unwarranted, Nate began sending some of his tracks to producers, labels and various bloggers. Though he was confident in his sound, he was unsure if he would hear back from a random demo submission. He was wrong. He received an enthusiastic response came from Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings. Backed with a stellar endorsement, Audien’s debut single “Rise and Shine” was released.

But the list of legendary imprints knocking on Audien’s door didn’t end there. Over the next two years, a slew of renowned labels came calling, in love with Audien’s innovative sonic atmospheres and soft melodies. In that span, Audien churned out originals and remixes for labels like Enhanced, Armada, Black Hole and Nervous. Audien’s popularity continued to grow exponentially as his tracks began to appear frequently on internationally syndicated radio shows like Corsten’s Countdown, TiĆ«sto’s Club Life, Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World, and Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance.

Support has been rolling in for the young artist, and perhaps, even more so as his sound began to evolve in 2012 to include progressive house elements. His wildly successful gem “These Are The Days” was praised by many influential voices calling it a “catchy summer anthem,” and “an absolutely brilliant track.” This past November, Above & Beyond premiered Audien’s track “Wayfarer” as the first ever song played on their new radio show, Group Therapy.

With an innate ability to create fresh tracks, Audien is currently riding high with his recent remix for Bruno Mars track “Treasure.” We’re excited to watch Audien continue to grow as an artist and even more excited to see him perform at this year’s Sound Wave Block Party. Grab your tickets today to avoid hassles tomorrow!