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Sound Wave Block Party Artist Profile: Brazzabelle

Sound Wave Artist Profile: Brazzabelle

artist brazzabelleSound Wave Block Party talent Brazzabelle, known to her family as Brittney Bowles, has always been interested in a variety of musical genres. Listening to bands like 311 and The Offspring, she would eventually discover dance music in her teens, “When I was 14, I started getting into dance music but none of my peers were really into it except for the four ravers I had at my high school whom wore candy jewelry and huge parachute pants.” Though she enjoyed listening to music, her love of learning how to play/make it came softly, “My parents always forced me to be involved in music and sports activities. I went to piano lessons at this woman’s house that had 15 cats. I hated it. I felt piano was kind of a dorky instrument at the time and after two years of lessons my mom finally let me quit but said, ‘You’ll thank me someday for making you take these lessons.’ She was right. After that I had a bass guitar for four months, traded it in for classical guitar lessons, which I eventually quit as well. Even though I never really got dialed into it, these things all lead to the basic understanding of composition, which I find to be a real help today.”

Brazzabelle started DJing and producing in 2010 and by 2011, she already had debut release “Break Your Body” under her belt. Her success since has been somewhat of a ripple affect as she has earned residencies with several of the West Coast’s most prestigious nightclubs and has been named one of 944 Magazine‘s “Leading Woman in Nightlife. Playing alongside names like Calvin Harris and Laidback Luke, Brazzabelle has made quite an impression among some heavyweights in dance music. Martin Solveig said at a show, “Brazzabelle opened for me tonight, but in two years I’ll be opening for her.”

Following the success of “Break Your Body,” Brazzabelle has released a steady stream of mixtapes, two EP’s, including the single “Drop The Beat” featuring Zashanel and remixed Gentlemen Hall’s hit track “Take Me Under.” Recently grabbing some studio time with gLAdaitor, the two released a free download of their rework of TLC’s classic track, “No Scrubs.”

Still honing in on what her true sound is, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this rising new talent. To quote her, “It will always be unique to Brazzabelle.” Come break ya body with Brazzabelle when she performs at Sound Wave Block Party 2013. Tickets are available, so grab yours before it’s too late.